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Activities for SD-NExT Education Materials Evaluation

The Stardust-NExT E/PO team offers a variety of online supplementary science resources for formal and informal education audiences that are aligned to national standards and allow students of all ages to engage in inquiry-based, hands-on learning activities. 

The three activities being evaluated are:

Extreme Navigation
+ Educator Guide (PDF 217 Kb)
+ Role Cards (PDF 326 Kb)
+ Standards
+ Slideshow

Seeing in 3-D: Stereo Pairs
+ Educator Guide (PDF 271 Kb)
+ Student Guide (PDF 800 Kb)
+ Educators' PowerPoint (PDF 3.3 Mb)
+ Stereo Viewer Parts 1 & 2 (PDF 1.7 Mb)

Comet Lingo Bingo
+ Educator Guide (PDF 123 Kb)
+ Comet Chronicle (PDF 971 Mb)
+ Comet Lingo Bingo Boards (PDF 81 Kb)
+ Comet Lingo Bingo Clues
(PDF 75 Kb)
+ Comet Lingo Bingo Clue Cards (PDF 104 Kb)


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