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Meet the Team

Interview with Thermal Control Analyst, Tom Oliver

  Tom Oliver

What is your role on the mission?
I am responsible for the Thermal Subsystem for Stardust-NExT. I monitor spacecraft temperature to insure safe operation.

What is the most exciting experience to date?
With over 30 years with Lockheed Martin, there have been some exciting times from being part of rocket launches to spacecraft operation, but there are two events that stand out: the Wild-2 encounter and the return of the comet's dust in the Stardust SRC.

What are some of the challenges that accompany your job?
Besides working on Stardust-NExT Thermal Subsystem, I also provide support for three other spacecraft.

Is this the only mission you’ve worked on?
I have worked on MGS and Stardust, and am currently working on Stardust-NExT, Odyssey, MRO, and Spitzer.