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Virtual Conference for Educators

Ever wanted to have all of the materials you experienced at an educators conference? So completely that you could run one yourself? We have just the package for you!

On February 5, 2011 the Comets & Asteroids Educator Conference was held at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.The focus was on comets, asteroids and protoplanets: their place in our solar system and why we have robotic missions out to explore them. Leftover building blocks of planets, these objects are believed to have contributed water and organic material to ancient Earth. By observing these small bodies up close, scientists can better understand the formation and evolution of our solar system and how life came to exist here on Earth.

A series of presentations from mission scientists, as well as hands-on activities that deepen understanding of the exciting content offered us a rich day. Mainly targeted for grades 5-8 the activities can be adapted for both grades 3-12. Instructional materials and resources are included.

Take a look! Find the materials you need to help your students engage in a dynamic story of the solar system!

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Dr. Paul Chodas Dr. Paul Chodas, Near Earth Objects Program
Presentation: Small Bodies 101: Asteroids, Comets, Meteorites, and Protoplanets
Dr. Robert Mase

Mr. Robert Mase, Dawn Project Manager
Presentation: Exploring Our Solar System’s Smaller Bodies
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Dr. Claudia Alexander

Dr. Claudia Alexander, Rosetta Project Scientist
Presentation: Instruments, Chemistry, Minerals, and the Periodic Table
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Activity Resources
Additional Resources

+ Comet Mystery Box
+ Comet on a Stick
+ Modeling Asteroid Vesta
+ Vesta Flip Book

+ Extreme Navigation
+ Seeing in 3-D
+ Cooking Up a Kitchen Comet
+ The Hunt for the Missing Planet: In Search of...
+ Active Accretion
+ Where Are You? Scale Modeling of Vesta and Ceres

+ Comet Lingo Bingo
+ Comparing Comets
+ Interactions of Energy and Matter: CSI

+ Ion Propulsion
+ Find a Meteorite
+ Asteroid and Comet Encounter Timeline
+ Solar System Bead Activity
Mission Factsheets
+ Rosetta
+ Dawn
+ Stardust-NExT
+ Discovery
Mission Websites
+ Rosetta
+ Dawn
+ Stardust-NExT
+ Discovery


If you have any questions about the Virtual Educators Conference, educational activities, or would like to host an educator training in your area, please contact one of the following:

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Aimee Meyer
Stardust-NExT E/PO Office

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Whitney Cobb
McREL Activities Specialist

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